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So, yep, I am not exactly a dedicated blogger.  I was discharged from hospital on Monday after 4 months.  It’s been a difficult week in terms of me feeling vulnerable, no safety net etc.  However, there is finally news on the psychotherapy front, which will hopefully starting in the very near future, the details just need to be put in place.  I know that it is going to be hard work, actually I am probably really naieve as to how much hard work it will be but those that be think that now my meds are stable, this is the way forward, the way to recover.  Well, I sure aint growing out of bpd, as apparently people do.

Struggling today and have used prn – failure.  Have been listening to some of my classic low/sh mood music.  Maybe if I just indulge it for a while I wont end up harming.  Maybe I should just get wasted tonight instead.  Haven’t drunk a significant amount for months so shouldn’t take long.

Worse, I had to take in all my benefits change letters received whilst in hospital to the Direct service who will notify housing benefit.  Given that I had no way of notifying them of a change to my ESA to the support group type, what do they expect.  I’m worried that I will be given a massive bill of overpaid housing benefit but then the logical (and therefore probably contrary approach to the local council) says there shouldn’t be a massive difference.  Whilst in hospital, I still had to pay my portion of the rent so still needed the housing benefit.  No doubt there will be an update in this regard.

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